Friday, June 15, 2012

Happy Friday + DIY Father's Day Card

Hello and Happy Friday! I woke up this morning to beautiful sunshine in Vancouver. It's been awhile since I've had the light shine in through my window like that, despite it being June!

Sunday is Father's Day, and being someone who designs greeting cards for a living, I wanted to make something special for my dad. So, here's a little DIY hand-made card project I created. {Instructions below}. It's pretty simple and the part I love most about it is that you can customize it to suit your dad's style. It can also be used for a birthday card, graduation, pretty much any occasion for a guy!

I hope you enjoy this project! If you happen to create this for your dad, send a link back with some pics. Would love to see the cards!

This card when finished and folded is a standard 4.25" x 5.5" size.
You'll need a few supplies:
4.25" x 10" cardstock (colour of your choice)
Pencil & Eraser
Bone folder (optional)

1. Before folding, I drew some guidelines in with pencil
(as per the measurements pictured above)
2. To create the shirt collar, fold the top edges to the centre
(which should be 2.125")
3. Fold up the cardstock so that the bottom edge reaches the tip points of the collar. Draw guidelines.
4. Cut lines at angle to reach those guidelines.
5. Erase those guidelines you made in pencil.
6. Tuck bottom edge into those cuts and voila, your shirt is done!
7. Here's the fun part: Add buttons, a side pocket, whatever you want to customize the card.
Oh, and don't forget to write a special note inside!



  1. Thanks for this super cute idea! Here's a link to my tumblr post showcasing the one I made for my Dad:

    1. Thanks Danny for sharing! Love your card and the patterned cardstock used. Hope you had a great Father's Day!